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Research Activities

Acoustic manipulation


We have invented a multi-particle single actuator acoustic manipulation method based on a vibrating Chladni plate. The research clarified the myth of motion randomness before particles settle to nodal lines since the original experiments of Ernst Chladni in 1780s.
We are actively pursing other acoustic manipulation techniques for microscale objects.

Wetting and microfluidics


We have invented Scanning Droplet Adhesion Microscopy (SDAM), the first wetting microscope, to measure the fine wetting details and subtle difference of water repellent surfaces.

Currently, we are actively working on advanced wetting characterization and microfluidic techniques.

Surface-tension assisted micromanipulation


We have conducted extensive research on surface-tension assisted hybrid microassembly. The work has also been applied to integration of semiconductor chips, laser diodes, and 3D integration of microchips, especially in the EU FP7 project FAB2ASM we coordinated.

Currently, we are actively working on capillary force based micromanipulation methods.


msrl_logoThe micro- and nanorobotics group at Aalto is actively working on micro- and nanorobotic manipulation and automation methods, including acoustic manipulation, microassembly, magnetic micromanipulation, nanoforce characterization, autonomous micromanipulation, and their applications in biomedical, material and industrial applications.
The research is highly interdisciplinary, from micro- and nanoscale physics, surface sciences, mechatronics, to automation methods. The research group has extensive collaboration with both academic and industrial partners through EU, Academy of Finland, TEKES, and industrial projects.


Prof. Quan Zhou

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