Carnegie Mellon University

Research Activities

Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots

We are designing novel methods for the control of mobile magnetic microrobots. The small size of these microrobots could enable them to have potential applications in healthcare, microfluidics or micro-scale factories. We are specifically addressing problems in remote magnetic actuation for „crawling“-type motion on 2D surfaces as well as levitation in fluids for 3D motion. We are using these microrobots for micro-manipulation in inaccessible micro-scale environments. In addition, we are exploring methods to achieve independent control of teams of microrobots in 2D and 3D for distributed completion of tasks.


Bacteria Propelled Micro-Robots

We are developing methods to control dense networks of bacteria-propelled micro-robots.  The flagellated bacteria act as micro-actuators on these devices.  We are exploring both active and passive mechanisms of steering control. We envision that swarms of these bio-hybrid micro-robots will be used in minimally invasive medical diagnosis and targeted drug delivery applications in the future.


About the NanoRobotics Lab

The NanoRobotics Lab operates at Carnegie Mellon University under the direction of Prof. Metin Sitti. The research program is focused on developing new methods to design, manufacture, and control novel and high impact micro/nano-robotic systems in three thrust areas: miniature mobile robots, bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives, and micro/nano-manipulation systems.



Prof. Metin Sitti