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Research Activities

Research in the AS2M Department is firmly grounded within the disciplines of robotics, mechatronics, automatic control and artificial intelligence. Three major scientific challenges are addressed: the exploitation of the overall dynamics of microsystems, along with the improvement of both systems dexterity and of systems intelligence.

With its 70 members, the department studies microactuator controls characterized by high dynamics, strong nonlinearities and an unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio. It has also acquired a widely recognized experience in the design of micro-assembly control systems and microrobots for minimally invasive surgery.

Keywords/main approaches

  • Control: Feedforward, hybrid force-position, Interval, Port-Hamiltonian, robust, optimal, robot calibration, visual servoing
  • Design: distributed systems, smart integrated microsystems and microrobots, innovative actuation (PMN-PT, Thick PZT, electroactive polymers), innovative sensing (self-sensing, pattern based, advanced vision, optical coherence tomography)

Application examples

  • Agile microgripper equiped with 4 DoF actuation and integrated force sensors
  • Robotic micro-assembly of MOEMS
  • Three fingered manipulator for the dexterous rotation of objects
  • Digital microrobots
  • Characterization of DNA bundles through control based robotic sensitivity increase approach
  • Control dielectric objects through dielectrophoresis manipulation
  • CAD model vision based tracking for automated micro-assembly
  • PMN-PT based highly integrated actuators
  • Reconfigurable Micro-Optical-Benches obtained by robotic micro-assembly

Job Offers

PhD thesis

Highly accurate robotic micro-assembly based on smart gripping

The objective of the proposed PhD thesis will be to study innovative technical, modeling and control aspects to successfully achieve complex micro-assembly tasks with extremely high accuracy in automated and semi-automated modes. Unprecedented performances are expected based on original multi-physical modeling associated with control. Many microscale specifies will induce key open challenges such as very high dynamics, few measurement feedback, sticking like effects at contacts, non-linear and varying behaviors…

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Philippe Lutz (Head of the group)
Cédric Clevy (Contact)

Further information

AS2M department
CODE (Control design) team
MiNaRoB (Biomedical Micro-Nano robotic) team
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