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Research Activities

Microrobotic Fibre Handling and Characterization

We study and develop microrobotic technologies to measure various mechanical properties of individual natural and synthetic fibers in high throughput. The goal is to increase understanding on strength properties of different fibre-based products by developing micromechatronic, machine vision, software and control algorithm solutions.

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Soft Robotic Solutions for Cell Stimulation and Characterization

We develop automatic biomimetic soft robotic systems for stem cell research. In soft robotics, our focus is on mechanical, electrical and biochemical stimulation systems for cardiac, neural, bone and retinal cells.

We are studying bioinspired and biotic materials for medical applications.

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About Tampere University of Technology


The mission of the Microsystems research area at BioMediTech Institute at Tampere University of Technology is to develop micro- and nanoscale sensors, actuators, BioMEMS devices, microrobotic systems and bioinspired and biotic materials for biomedical and material science applications.

We develop novel functional systems by combining knowledge of automation and control engineering with microsystems and nanotechnology.


Professor Pasi Kallio
Assistant Professor Veikko Sariola