University of Toronto – Microrobotics lab

Research Activities

We are developing novel methods for the control of microrobots, which are under 1 mm in size. The small size of these microrobots could enable them to have potential applications in healthcare, microfluidics or micro-scale factories. Our work focuses on addressing the challenges in microrobot motion and the manipulation of objects at the micro-scale in confined spaces. Microrobot actuation is accomplished by computer-controlled magnetic fields, supplied by a set of magnetic coils or permanent magnets. Our research is into methods of creating strong controllable fields using magnetic coils or permanent magnet arrays, and in using those fields to drive mobile micro-robot devices in 2D or 3D environments.

Custom magnetic coil design for motion in 2D/3D

Generating magnetic fields using permanent magnet arrays

Multi-agent control

About Microrobotics lab at the University of Toronto

The Microrobotics lab at the University of Toronto focuses on small-scale robotics and bio-inspired novel locomotion systems. Our main areas of study are fabrication and control relating to remote actuation of micro-scale devices using magnetic fields, micro-scale robotic manipulation, smart materials, and the creation of novel biomedical devices.


Eric Diller
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