University of Toronto – Advanced Micro and Nanosystems Laboratory

Research Activities

Micro Manipulation and Characterization

We develop micro-devices and micro-robotic systems for automated manipulation and characterization of objects under optical microscopes. These objects are most often biomaterials.

Our research at the micro-scale:

  • device design and microfabrication
  • MEMS sensors and actuators
  • BioMEMS
  • microrobotic control
  • computer vision optical microscopy
  • robotic cell surgery / manipulation
  • cell physics
  • clinical instrumentation

Automation at Nano-Scale

We develop nanorobotic systems for manipulating and characterizing nanomaterials. These systems operate under scanning electron microscopes, often integrating MEMS end-tools we design and fabricate.

Our research at the nano-scale:

  • mechanical  and electrical design for nanorobotic system construction
  • nanorobotic control
  • computer vision electron microscopy
  • robotic manipulation of nanomaterials  (e.g., nanowires)
  • robotic manipulation of sub-cellular structures / molecules
  • precision instrumentation

More information

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